March 30, 2009

Epa's Tag

* Tagged by Missy Hunny


1. badan-kecik-tapi-laser-x-ingat XDDDDD
2. My crime-in-partner skipping class and went to Jusco when we're in standard 6
3. We knew each other and become besties when we discovered that both of us love Sailormoon damn much
4. We drew Sailormoon, copied n sold em to our classmates.. we do gained profit like a lot!
5. Cute rounded face, big eyes n fair skin but u dont want to mess with her. she once chased after a boy with a stapler in her hand XDD
6. Smaller than me.. cemut!
7. My first friend who stayed over at my house
8. Murtad since she has leaved the 'drawing' world and heads to accountancy XDD
9. Has a lot of exes n scandals. U DO, DON'T LIE
10. She still hasnt let me ride on her Ego.. =(


1. Specky, chubby and shorty =P
2. Loves to shop but got no money
3. Currently a final year student of Bach Sc of Architecture in UiTm Shah Alam
4. Also loves to draw, sketch, travelling, hanging out, window shopz.... etc
5. I want to learn modern dance+RnB+hiphop
6. Mix blood of org thailand (i x reti sebut yg betul in english nnti ade org annoyed) from my mum n mamak from my dad
7. I want to try bungee jumping and skydiving. Sounds kewl~ =D
8. I am a good friend but a bad enemy
9. I was once very active in scouts until i transfered to Teknik KL. i miss those times =(... climbing up the roof, searchg n kissing the frog, climbing the wall, sleepover at school, patrolling the town.. *sigh
10. Very addicted to sushi XP. i dont think that i will gag if i eat em everyday~

* CHOOSE 10 PEOPLE TO CONTINUE THIS TAG(mcm byk sgt la plak)

1. Shaza
2. Hafizal
3. Anne
4. Dayang
5. Seri
6. Illi
7. Ziela
8. Ninie
9. Rabie
10. Fatin


Illi Hzbull said...

i nk bungee jumping n skydiving too~

Syima said...

yes!!! XDD