January 3, 2011

New Year story with Haq looking dashing

2010 just passed by in the blink of an eye. So much things happened, some of which i want to forget, some that i want to cherished and some I'll take it as a lesson & a reminder for things that will come. I didn't regret for anything that had happened, well maybe for certain things, but hey it's life. Although it was cloudy but rainbows do showed up after the storm =).

So, how was my New Year??

Nothing special actually, but lots of activities =). I decided to sleep-over at Ziela's last Friday. That night we went to Red's new rented house at Padang Jawa for sembahyang Isyak berjemaah and tahlil with Red's parents. After that we just went out ronda-ronda avoiding traffic jam, minum untill the New Year arrived.

In terms of specialty, it is for one of my studiomates, for he is married on that day =D. Congratulations Abe Haq!! u look dashing that day~ only that u have become 'rounder' teheee. It's my first time seeing Kak Aishah face to face, and she is so pretty without her glasses on. May Allah bless u both =). Since this is the girl's side, i will attend this wedding again on the guy's side in 2 weeks time in Perak, which means.. A ROAD TRIP! =D

After the wedding, Ziela and I did some important-shopping at Mid Valley before rushing back to Shah Alam, for we had plans to kayak with others later that evening. But unfortunately, rain came pouring down =(. But we filled our free time by watching Gulliver's Travel at MBO Klang which is super boring, don't watch it, a 'syok sendiri' film. We noticed that there is a funfair quite near to the cinema and they were planning to go there next week.. which i don't think i can join... =(( but i want too..... huhu.

Well that is all for now, have a nice year dearies~

~~~Happy New Year~~~


Anonymous said...

Blasting new days ahead dear. Take care and live happily, as how you deserve :) i mossed you and shaza lots. even if you guys always forget me when i'm not there.


Syima said...

awww dont said like that. mana ade lupela =(.