January 25, 2011


While the Hindus busy celebrating Thaipussam, we went for a family trip! It has been a while since we had our family trip, but this time sadly Afiq couldn't joined us because he got a test on that day =(. Abah as usual is not a family man tsk tsk.

This is our first time to Pulau Langkawi and we dare to say that we had an enjoyable time. Usually people went there for shopping but not us. Ahahaa.. 3 days are not enough, we didn't have time to visit Makam Mahsuri, Ecopark, The caves, Mangrove Park, Snorkeling... We will surely come again, mama said =)


fin said...

your photo is lovely.especially the one with birds..helang kan.

Syima said...

yesssshhh =))