February 5, 2011

List of wasting time on purpose

Look, i am bored, my CNY day-off is kinda long, i got my day-off since Tuesday and i got nothing to do rather than staying at home. My date with Zura and Baah got canceled on Tuesday since Zura suddenly changed her plans and went out with her BF instead~ ceh! MAYBE am gonna hangout tomorrow with my ex-studiomates but it is still on planning-stage so i'll just put it aside.

Anyway since i have wasted lots of time these couple of days i decided to do a list of things or oppurtunity that i wasted on purpose. (actually u can say that i got nothing to do so I'm gonna do some blogging)

1. Time to fold clothes
Da numba one~! Obviously. When it is the time i should fold up my clean laundry which is always over-flowed out of my laundry basket, but i just dont want to do it. I rather clean up my nails, squeeze some blackheads and whiteheads, playing with my cats~ I'll find other works or excuses so that i could get away from folding my clothes, which in the end it cause me some nagging from my mum.

2. Water in the bathroom/toilet
Its a habit that i cannot put away. BUT I HAVE GOOD REASONS! Ok when I'm brushing my teeth the water tap is not running but it will when i brush my tongue. U see, my throat doesnt allow things other than food nearing it. 50% chances are i will end up vomiting, so i dont like people to hear the sound of me trying to vomit or trying to hold in while brushing my tongue. Same goes when i am doing my business in the toilet. I dont like people hearing the sound of me peeing or pooping, it is very embarrassing. So i will let the water tap or shower on. At least the sound is less noticeable.

3. Detergent
I know~ they already give the instructions on the label but im not so sure whether a spoon or a cap of detergent can clean it all. so i will put 1 and a half extra more =P. As a result the washing machine will be full of bubbles. The washing machine at the kitchen, i broke it. It couldnt handle lots of bubbles and detergent. My dad was mad at me huhu so he didnt allowed me to touch that washing machine again after he had fixed it for i still cannot 'fix' that habit of mine.

4. Apples
I love apples very much but I am also very picky. I like small yellow-red apples (lil bit smaller than a fist) that are crunchy and sweet. The one that my mum always buy is only at the pasar malam at her office so when we are out of apples and i am longing for some, i will buy it myself. here is the thing, i always end up buying the wrong one. i mean, not the small-crunchy-sweet that i like. Sometimes it is not sweet at all, sometimes it is very dry and not fresh. Anyway when i took my 1st small bite and it doesnt taste nice, i'll leave it in the fridge until it turns brown and then i'll throw it away. Yeah such a waste, but i simply cannot eat it when it doesnt taste nice. Sometimes my mum and my lil sis become the victim and finish it up for me =P

i think thats all... i couldnt think of anything other than these. so whats yours?

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