July 12, 2011

A day at the site

Couple of weeks ago i went to the site in Shah Alam with my boss and 2 of my officemates to see the process on how to build concrete footing on site.

Overall view of the site

It was raining earlier that day so rainwater was collected inside the formwork. But the contractor said its OK because by the time the concrete been poured into the formwork, the denser concrete will push the water out of the formwork.

Since it is a flat land and the ground condition is good, no piling is needed. 1st they pour the concrete one 'bucket' at a time and while doing that, a vibrator which looks like a thick hose will be put inside it. This is to ensure that there will be no air trapped inside the concrete so that when it dries, 'honeycomb effect' will not occur. Then after the formwork is full with concrete, all of the workers will move on to the next formwork leaving 1 worker to do the flattening and tidying works of the concrete surface. After that the concrete footing is left to dry.

Well it's not a crime for us to take a picture or two ^^

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