July 12, 2011

Not Bersih 2.0, but Melaka

While others were busy with the Bersih 2.0 thingy, my mum, ira, my aunt, nadia, my grandma and i went to Melaka on the Saturday Morning to attend 'Perbarisan Tamat Latihan' at Pulapol Ayer Hitam. My cousin went there last year and now he is officially a police officer =). Congrats Faiz!

My cousin, Faiz took part in the Pertunjukkan Kawad Kaki Tanpa Perintah, and i don't know which is him, they all look the same hahah. Its a shame that it is not a full video because the great part came a few minutes after i stopped recording. Quite annoyed with the aunties beside me, they keep on pushing and shoving =_=

We couldn't find him at his place, instead he found us! I felt a presence behind me then i slowly turn-around and looked at him, paused for a few seconds and scream "hey you!" while pointing at his face. OMG we couldn't even recognized him! He was so different! He was so jambu and korean-like the last time we saw him. But his moher said she likes him this way, at least looks more like a man haha!

On the way home, i was the driver. Everyone fell asleep that it makes me sulked =(. I want to sleep too! Then we got stucked at Sg Besi toll because of a roadblock for almost one and a half hours! Ugh... what a headache =_=.

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