December 4, 2011

The 1st since i left them almost 2 years ago

It has been a long time since i last sketch related to architecture, not manga.
So my sketches turns out to be quite rough, so don't laugh
Give my fingers a chance for em to keep on tuning

 Project 1 idea-sketches for Revitalizing Putrajaya

 Project 2 idea-sketches, revitalizing clan jetties in Penang


Fatin Shaza said...

gila laa! siap ada orang2 lagi!

Syima said...

Orang tula yang dilukis dulu, shaza ni buat2 lupa plak haha

Syed Ali Rabbani said...

wo these all pretty impressive! especially the third one.

Syima said...

really? haha still pretty rough, tq btw~