December 27, 2011

Singapore family trip!

EDIT 29/12 : Am going there again this CNY. Woohoo~~~

2 weeks ago, Ira and I (representative for our family) joins Aunty Ucu, Pak Ngah and Mak Long for a trip to Singapore to attend our cousin's wedding. We stayed there for 2 nights at our relative's house. The wedding planner is from the family as well, with the simple English concept. Congratulations to both of you!

On the last day... we went to Universal Studio!! It was SUPER DUPER AWESOMEEEEE!! The rides, the roller coaster scares the shit out of me but it was amaaaaazing! Too bad we don't have enough time to explore it all =(. That's it!! I will visit u again and conquer all those rides! Transformers 3D is a must! The roller coaster, Battleship Galactica Cyclone is my favourite, but not the other one, named Human. No no i didn't enjoy it at all =_=.

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Seri said...

Yes, transformers 3d is a must!