September 16, 2009

The new one!

EDIT: i replaced the old video with a new one with eng subs

new single from SJ-M (mandarin) - Super Girl
guest : jessica from SNSD

loving it!!!!!!! XD kyu kyu kyuhyun!!


Nick said...

why SNSD got no new one? x(

and super juniors are too many!

Syima said...

ini SJ-M. subgroup dr SJ. khas for chinese fans or yg paham mandarin.

LOL SNSD pun rmai org jgk bout 10 people kan. ape yg beza nye =/

Anonymous said...

syamito...i pening tatau nk pilih yg maner!!!!!!!!!!!!!H E L P.... T-T

Syima said...

hahahaaha XDDD.ini br Super JUnior Mandarin. belum big group Super Junior XD

Syima said...

kenapa x taw pilih yg mane? jgn kata u suke sume?? 0_O

Anonymous said...

oh yeke this is still not the real one...wait..have to browse some*