September 8, 2009

Summaries for the past 2 weeks

so much things has happened these past 2 weeks, and most of it are the happy memories especially between me and my friends

last 2 weeks, i've been hanging out with my studiomates, breaking our fast eating Ayam Penyet at Subang and accompanying my friends who're active in their organization, Sukan Antara Fakulti *i think?? The dish was quite good especially the chicken of course, but i dont like the soup, it tasted weird for me... =P

for some reason, ziela sgt bersemangat mewakili FSPU for the bowling tournament at Sunway Pyramid but her worst fear comes true when she has to wear a very bright outfit *she likes dark, natural coloured outfits which is Yellow. Hahahaahah XD i can still remember the look on her face when she has to wear it. but babe, u were superb~ i tell ya!

couple of days later, bb-nana came for sleepover~ she stayed at our house *me n ziela of cuz for 2-3 days. it was such an enjoyable time, lots of girls thingy and silly things that we did, went to uptown n sunway pyramid, n so much more! come again yaa~ ^^ u r our Moodmaker aka Joker XDDDD

for last week, tension rises up since it was the crit-week. we stayed up for 2-3 nights trying to finish our work so that at least we have something to show for the interim crit *tula buat keje last minute. right after the crit session, the moment my head touched the pilow, i blacked out XP. hahahaa.

later that day, i was so bored that suddenly i was craving for those arcade games that i used to play back in my early years such as chocolatiers, diner dash, feeding frenzy, etc. with high hopes i went to the cc to download some games and damn the internet was so f****** slow! aaargh! i was so in despair i went back home. the moment i opened the door, my housemates suddenly pulled me to my room, ordering me to dressup cuz they're planning to make a bday surprise for azyan (one of my housemates). so nak dipendekkan cerita, we celebrated her bday at Padang MBSA. it was amazing! if i was at her place i would be crying.. huhhuhu. there were musians at that area during that time so we request a Happy Birthday Song from them. it was wonderful =)

towards the end of the week, it was family time. i accompanied mama to Perak to visit her brother, my Pak Teh for he was sick. my grandma n aunties from Kelantan also turun to Perak, so coincidently it becomes a mini family gathering. the next day, my family (excluding my dad) went to Jalan TAR to buy baju raya. man~ manusia macam ulat! sesak! like ants crawling over a lump of sugar! ~_~""". after that we break our fast at Eden Restaurant, right next to Pavilion. its been a while since we gathered like this.... but too bad my dad couldnt join in.. =(

Jeng jeng jeng! finally after 4 years! the 3 of us could finally meet! XDDD well its not like we havent meet each other during that time. it's just, x pnah ber-3! selalu 2 je and the other one got stuffs to do. miss u girls so much!!!!! we break our fast together last sunday at mid valley. we're so into our chatting that we didnt even realized that it's time to break the fast! baah already suggesting a trip for 3 of us in early october, i have to think about it, i still have classes... huhuhu. but it will be nice to have a trip with them, really miss them badly...

last monday, i accompanied hafizal to buy his baju raya. he is such a kid, nearly tricked him to buy this ugly shorts cuz i said it was cool n he already thingking of buying it! XDD. after we break our fast, we watched movie-Orphan.. man it was cool! im not a fond of scary-psychotic movies but this thing is good. we're scared in the cinema, covering our eyes n such XPP. i saw this shirt n deeply in love with it! but the movie ended up so late that all of the stores're closed. hmm have to buy it, but its a bit pricey... but i like it! hmm...

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