September 26, 2009

Raya 09

Raya 09
~ Kota Bharu, Kelantan

same old routine on the first week of Raya *and like the previous years, my dad got works to do so die x join balik. each family members host an open house per day. i think i gained about 2-3kg after all that ~_~"''. not all of my relatives were there. so it's not as happening as before *i have 56 cousins all together. actually these past 2 years it was kinda gloomy since tok ayah past away. usually we will all sembahyang raya at the family hall since my mum's family is already big enough to fill the safs.

i tried not to forgot about my assignments.. so i buat siket2 while helping my mum and my aunts.. hahahaaha im so dead. lecturers pun x faham, doesnt they want to relax too?? vacations are meant for us to relax n have fun, not to add more puffiness and dark circles to our eyes.

*too many pictures that i want to upload, but i was kinda lazy to re size all of them so i just compressed some of the pictures into one layout =P

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