November 1, 2009

Bleach marathon

Since i got nothing to do right now... *LIAR, absolutely not! u got tons of work to do! i re-watched anime-Bleach at during my 'break' time. i've quit following the anime since the story became quite a nonsense *i followed Bleach's manga so i dont like it when its anime has different plot.

my favorite plot of the story has always been when Ichigo and friends went to soul society to rescue Rukia. Ichigo looks so good with Rukia, but i kinda like it to see Rukia with Renji.. but Renji is too tall n big for her... hmmm.. i dont know but i want to see the relationship development between Rangiku and Gin. it's quite clear that Rangiku like him, but im not sure whether Gin likes her as well or not. by the way i dont like the close relationship between Hitsugaya and Hinamori. she is so obsessed with Aizen that i couldnt stand it! how could she just attacked Hitsugaya n blaming him for Aizen's death??

now i remember when is the first time i hated Orihime. it's since the first time Arancar attacks Karakura Town *the attacks of ulquiorra n yami. she is so freaking annoying! siket2 "kurosakikun~" aaaaaHHHHHhhhh~!! doesnt she ever realized that because of her, Ichigo has to fight a lot of arancars and even bleed to death?!! huh ok.. i skipped a lot of episodes till i stumble upon this, the day when Hitsugaya meets Karin. it's one of my favorite episodes!! he looks so darn cute n charismatic in here and i like it when he got so angry when Karin thought that he is an elementary school kid!! XDD

a shinigami can play football/soccer?? XDDD

hitsugaya got angry when karin patted his head n called him elementary school kid XD

ok~ gotta watch them all~ c-yaa!


Fatin Shaza said...

I like Hitsugaya!
I like Orihime!
I like RenjiRukia!

Ok bye.

Syima said...

i was had a liking to orihime. but not anymore =P

Fatin Shaza said...

sebab dia sgt useless kan? time kat soul society ok lagi... tapi waktu arrancar dah tak best dah :(

but i will still like her!

Syima said...

yhuh time arancar la puncanye! really gets into my nerves