November 30, 2009

My 3-Days-Without-Internet-Connection Diary

* This is a very long post =P

Friday, 27/11

We hit the road around 4:45am in the morning together with Abg Adi's family. We couldnt used the Matrix since its gonna 'die' anytime soon, so to play safe we used Myvi instead. We're having a hard time catching up with Abg Adi since he was driving a Honda. The car started to get really shaky when it reached 130km/h and when my mum hit the portholes, i can really felt it down to my bones! The road was in terrible condition! Holes everywhere. The last time we used the road, it was still better. Thick fog at Kuala Lipis-Gua Musang making the situation worsen, so i was having a hard time geting to sleep since i was afraid that 'something' might happened =P. At Gua Musang it was my turn to drive and we reached my grandmother's house around noon.

Mak Ngah held Kenduri Aqiqah on that day for one of her grandson, so my mum and i changed our outfits and headed to her house which is about 30 seconds walking distance from my grandmother's house. We missed watching the Qurban thingy *well i dont want to watch it if i have the oppurtunity, by the time we arrived the meat was already been cut in big chunky pieces. My job was to prepare the onions, garlics and gingers, semangkuk periuk nasi besar yeh, and also prepared 'belede'. I just knew that 'belede' is the Kelantanese term for pudding @ agar-agar. Jauh betul bunyi die dari yang asal.

These two are among of my smallest cousins and they're cute but brats XD. Kids, u know, naughty and spoiled. The big bro, Izzat Iman (5 years old), can't stop crying if he doesnt get what he wants and his lil sis, Nazatul Najwa (4 years old), has a very kepochi mouth. She just can't stop talking and since she is still a lil kid, her heart is still 'pure' and very truthful. One of my aunt just cut her hair and Najwa said to her,"Bakpo rambut Mok Soh mace jate?? Burok huduh!" hahaahah! XDD. Oh! she's also a cam-whore~ "Kak Syimah! Amek gamba kite wat canie!". Here she paksa me took her pictures and later her brother also wants to join in.

I didn't attend the kenduri by the way. I felt so restless that i went home to my grandmother's house to take a nap after i have finished doing my part. Woke up later in the evening =P, but it did makes me feel good~

Saturday, 28/11

It was my grandmother's turn to held a kenduri that day and it was Kenduri Arwah for my late grandfather who passed away 1 and a half years ago. All of the house members woke up early to help her in the kitchen while the kids playing around outside and at the living room.

I couldn't managed to snap some photos during that time since i was busy too but i have a photo of the empty kitchen after everyone has bloated stomachs, leaving the mums chit-chatting.

Shortly after that, my cousin Nain asked me to accompany him to the salon. OK in my mind i was thinking like the salon at my hometown. With bizarre interior finishes, hot pink or modern looking.. But when we arrived, the road was like heading into a village. I mean.. village~ Most of the houses on stilts and made of wood with zinc roofs. The salon was actually part of the owner's house, attached to the right side with different entrance. The owners satu family org Thailand. So i was kinda amused hearing them talking with each other in Thai language and then communicating with the customers in Kelantan dialect. Salon tu ade tempat cuci! Tempat treatment pun ade! OK called me jakun but this was my first time being in that salon and i was impressed!!

Later that evening, we're getting ready to visit Mak Ni's husband, Pakcik Nor (Mak Ni is one of my mum's younger sisters) who had been admitted into the hospital recently. While we were waiting for my grandmother, i snapped some photos of the house in panoramic view. As u can see the path on left side is the only way of getting to my grandmother's house. It is also the path to go to Mak Ngah's house and at the right side of the picture is Mak Sah's house. Those trees behind the house is dusun, filled with Durian, Rambutan, Manggis, Salak, Duku, Langsat, Dokong, Betik and Jambu =))

The guy in red sweater was Pakcik Nor. He got bone cancer so he was doing chemotherapy and now he needs a bone-marrow donor. His white blood cells has dropped to zero so he has to be confined in a room and only 1 person, of his family member, can visit him at one time. For the rest of us, we can only 'visited' him from the other side of the window, communicating using hand signals with him. Even at that stage, he can still joked around with others, and trying to show that he was okay. The doctors said that he may be released in 3-4 days and that was a good news =).

After that we had our dinner at.. pizza hut! hehehe my grandmother was so funny and so pure-hearted at that time. She wants to join in the conversation altho she doesnt know what to talk about and she was very random! My mum took her picture with Mak Sah and then she said ,"Eh, mok ko tuh?? Napok beg tange mok! hehe~," and we all burst out laughing cuz she was so cute acting blur ^^.. Well all i can say is, she cheered us up after we visited Pakcik Nor and everybody was all smiles again, and of course the food was one of the reason making our faces brightens too~

Sunday, 29/11

Going to KB~ hehe while waiting for my cousin to pick me up, a lil cam-whoring wouldn't harm right?? XP OH! btw i bought that bohemian dress on9 at My Stuff. lalaalalaala~

Well it's not like my first time been to KB, but at that time i had my camera with me. So i couldnt stop taking pictures while we were on our way to MPKB. I saw a big, modern Hindu Kuil betul2 in the middle of the city, just beside the road. Call me sadistic, but im quite surprised to see a Hindu Kuil in that city.. Its not like im being sarcastic or racist ok~ OH! for the first time i saw UiTM Kampus Kota Bharu and it was unimaginable! Only 2 building, 4-5 levels! Maybe they only offered 1 course only???

Then we went to Pasar Siti Khadijah. My cousin went off to buy some things while i wandered around at the centre part of the building. It was then i realized that the centre part was actually an atrium and it used fully natural lighting. woah~ how come i never noticed this b4?? The market closed at 7pm. So there was no need of mechanical lighting to light up that area during the night. Well being an architecture student, u couldnt help it but to gaze at everything and u may find something surprising altho u're used to that area/building before~ ;)

After that we went to KB Mall. I wanted to go there to buy new platforms but none caught my attention, so we ended up walking aimlessly around the mall, entering any shops/stores that looks interesting~ To cut things short, i went inside this video store as i suddenly remembered that i saw live action Bloody Monday during the last time i went there and yup! i found it. So as i headed to the counter, i saw something in the corner of my eye and stopped. It was a Super Junior M mini album!!! immediately i snatched it from the rack and.. double bonus! Super Junior Super Show 1 Asia Tour!, right next to the album. I called ira to tell her about my findings and she screamed like hell, tellling me to buy it no matter what! and so i bought those two, leaving Bloody Monday behind... Ups! i will buy it next time XP.

Then all of us headed to Mak Yah's house which is one of my mum's older sisters. Shortly after we had our lunch, Abg Adi and his family arrived from Pasar Jelawat and he bought lots of keradeh! One of my favourites! it tasted like asam actually, but u have to peel of its crisp skin first. Darn! if i knew that he was going there in the first place i wanted to kirim etok... =((

As night time falls, i started to packs our bags, while my mum gossiping with her sisters and her mother. Who knows when will they met again, but Mak Ti will come to KL at the end of this week since it is school holiday, maybe they're planning some future trips?? =))

Monday, 30/11

We started our journey back home around 5am in the morning, convoy bersama2 Abg Adi. As u can see in the pictures, it was pitch black and the path was surrounded with trees and bushes. Excuse the shakiness and blurness. The road surface was not smooth since it was made of gravel and sand.

I drove all the way from Gua Musang to KL. Altho it was tiring, i couldnt help it but felt mesmerized by the beautiful mountains and landscapes along the way. Did u guys noticed that the trees in last landscape picture has the shape of the long-neck dinosaur??? XD

Finally after 7 hours of driving, we're finally home! and of cuz abah 'examined' the car after that and he started to complain about this and that. typical abah ~_~'' heh well i can still survive after 3 days without internet connection~ but the moment i've finished unloading the stuffs, i went straight to my room to check on... my sorority life!! agagaagagaagaga XPPP. but this is one of the memorable trips in my life =). so the next trip.. i think i heard my mum said PD this weekend?? had to buy sunblock then.


Fatin Shaza said...

cantik pulak ur panoramic shots!

Syima said...

tulah =))

the YellowishBlue said...

cantik lah jugak ur pitch black dengan gegaran shots! lol

Syima said...

hahah is that really a pujian or just plain sarcastic??? XP