November 24, 2009

Over-out-of-nowhere-Sensitive People

Grrr i hate those bunch of idiots celaka!! they're so hyped up even just a simple question or a piece of mind, that doesnt even have a pinch of sarcasm, they will get so EMOOO and started blasting and blasting out of nowhere calling people DUMBASS, LOSER, RETARD, IDIOT PIG.

the hell????

even when u have different opinions they will get so like hyper and tembak u bertubi2. stupid-uncivilized people. i think they are soooooo into the net talking to a DAMN BOX that they doesnt know how to talk to a NORMAL HUMAN thus doesnt even know how to differentiate between an INSULT or an OPINION.



Nick said...

and where is tat?a forum?

seems lik trolls to me~

Fatin Shaza said...

Sebabnya, internet membuatkan kita jadi bodoh. Those people take advantage of the 'anonymous' function (ingat dorang selamat sangat la, takde orang tahu identiti) and all social skills/manners gets thrown out of the window.

Syima said...

those places yg boleh org komen2. blof la, forum la, videos la. tension tol..

tula sume bodoh

Fatin Shaza said...

YOUTUBE PALING ANNOYING! Especially bila video tu ckp pasal agama Islam... tension baca orang kutuk sini sana

Syima said...

I KNOW> artist pun lagila. yg haters gilela mulot cam sial.. huhuuhu. if dah x suke why u search n stream the video in the first place kan???