November 10, 2009

My last day with my housemates

Tomorrow almost all of them are heading back to their home (they already have finished their exams), so we decided to hangout out for a day doing some activities together. so we picked ice skating! it was one of my enjoyable moments in my life, gonna miss u guys... next semester, ziela and i will visit u guys and once more, lets have some fun together! xoxo

In the house~ : syima, ziela, armi, rai, azean, syikin, kak la, mawar.
those 'rugi korang x join' : syafikah, harlina

later that night, ayu and the girls asked to join for a game of futsal, sorry babe~ u ni cam xtaw plak i mane main futsal! =P. hahah next time we go ice skating ya~ ;)

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