July 18, 2010

2 days of non-stop-eating-rich-food

Saturday; Gardens, The Curve
kedai lawa~!! So English-Victorian-era~
I like =)) TQ Ziela for bringing me here

Sunday; The Ship, Jalan Sultan Ismail
Mama treated us~ for Boy's Birthday tomorrow
Happy Birthday, Boy =)

In the end, i have gained a lot of fatty tissues.. haih haih. I just can't stop eating now, My desire for food is huge~~~ right now, i just don't care anymore.. haaha. Splurge!


asz_miza said...

kat gardens tu mcm best je babe.
Aku selalu jugak lalu tepi tu, nak masuk asyik xjadi je..
Menu dia oke tak?

Syima said...

Okela~ westerns and tradional food, tapi i lagi suka suasana dlm restaurant tu rather than the food ^^. serious felt like staying at an english cottage hehee