July 23, 2010

Random 14

Things that i need to do this weekend :
*Re-arrange my blog's label. Too many labels that it is getting annoying =_=
*Fold my clothes! The basket is almost going to explode
*Re-schedule my diet plan again, can't wear small t-shirt anymore, my tummy... aish

Starts saving next month, maybe got 2 major trips ^^. But needs money for some stuffs too..
THE i-must-use-my-money-whether-i-hate-it-or-not.
*HP bills, both U-mobile and Celcom
*Laptop bills to abah *FREAKING HATE THIS. I'm not the one that broke the old one, it was Boy~! Why do i have to pay for the consequences T^T
*Fuel's and credit card money (if i used) to mama

THE MOST-IMPORTANT one : (will update when ive done sorting out the important one)
*Bonamana Version C
*Contact lenses + new casing
*Pay the tailor for my baju raya

The i-will-buy-if-got-more-money-or-if-have-good-deals :
*SHinee mini album

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