July 14, 2010

Kyu, Living a second life

Every day, after i knew what had happened, i am so GRATEFUL TO GOD that he is there..

heart.gif still laughing
heart.gif still smiling
heart.gif still singing beautifully
heart.gif still dancing gracefully
heart.gif still being witty
heart.gif still being naughty
heart.gif still being pampered

but above all, I AM GLAD HE IS STILL ALIVE, for he is the reason i know Super Junior

Yeah~ stay cute, cheeky, bully as always Kyu~
Make all the hyungs yours.. hahah LOL


Nick/Scout/Pitt said...
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Syima said...

Haih xkan langsung dah xleh ckp pasal SJ?? i said if i always~ dah lame dah i x post kat blog bout my fandom

i think u just called me 'bb'