July 13, 2010

My treasures

Last sunday, mama wants me to clear my treasures in this almari of mine.. Which was very hard for me to do because inside there are my treasures since i was in my primary school. There are even McD's toys sets! yes I love to collect them back in those days.

JJang~ Before and after.. i only managed to 'sacrifice' 3 spaces only LOL, 3 trash bags were used.. boohoo. Any toys that were still looking good i packed them in the box. the next time we went back to Kelantan, i'll give them to my little cousin.

Since i was clearing my things up, i found my old-forgotten collections and some of it i just couldnt hardly believed that i actually have a collection of them. Some of my collections like the books, obviously i always know about it since i arranged them at the mini compartments.

Mostly the books that i read back when i was a kid are by Enid Blyton. Then when i was in high school, my interest went to thriller/ghost stories. So i have lots of RL Stine's and Christopher Pike's. I have Sweet Valley University too, but obviously, about the psycho William White. Later, i collected Cathy Hopkin's Mates, Dates series, typical teenagers stories about their love and school life =P. When i entered university, i stop collecting books *sigh*

I was squealing with surprise when i found this Pokemon collection hahaaah! i totally forgotten about it! and i already forgot some of their names.. But i think there should be a lot more than this so I asked my sister about this and she also said the same... Jackpot! SO it must be her then thats been meddling with my collection >=(. She just tersengih macam kerang busuk.

I had a complete set of Sailormoon's comic, but my dad threw them away T^T. These are the ones that i actually found at the bookstore, i was quite surprise that they are still selling it.. Anyway i also have Sailormoon's jigsaw puzzle, letters and 2 full sticker books full of stickers. I had a poscard-size box, full of Sailormoon's stickers, but sadly I lost it =((

Yeah this is not a surprise anymore, Super Junior stuffs~ hehehe. Lots of posters, files, lighsticks, keychains, official photobook, albums, and still counting =D

These are postcards that i collected.. international & local artists, historic places and Meteor Garden 2.

Lots of posters~~ woah, how the hell did i collected all of these XP

Yes, i had a hobby of collecting stamps. I actively collected them when i was in primary school. I have 2 full-albums, and the 3rd one is half full. In the picture shows some of my favourite ones =3

Subconsciously, i think i collected picture-frames too. In this section there are about 20, and there are still more on my study desk and bedside table..

Since i'm gathering my stuff, i also want to share this haha. My collection of plushies aka babies that are still alive. I can actually open a Zoo if i join venture with my little sister =P.


Nick/Scout/Pitt said...

wah...so many 'children',din know tat?

Nick/Scout/Pitt said...

can i have tat glowing pen when we meet up?

Syima said...

Its not pen, it is lightsticks.. with huge SUPER JUNIOR wordings on it. u want that?

Nick/Scout/Pitt said...


i still wantsit.


Syima said...

Its super junior, u freaki8ng hate them, why want? =/

fin said...

i used to collect stamps too..tapi, tak tau kemanakah pergi buku buku itu.

Syima said...

ahaha i terlupa about my past hobbies, until i geledah almari tu huhuhu

Nick/Scout/Pitt said...

i lik glowing stuffs. =)

Fatin Shaza said...


Syima said...

yaa shaza~ if u want to pinjam and baca jgn segan silu mintak saja hehe

Aira said...

DAMN YOU! since when I "tersengih macam kerang busuk" ??? I told u i didn't know OK! how do u know kerang busuk smile like that!?! "But i think there should be a lot more than this" sorry to say but thats the amount of pokemons u have. I still got fresh memories =,= u only lost ur bird that holds the sayur!

Syima said...

ADA LAGI LA MAKCIK I KNOWLA IM THE ONE THAT BOUGHT ALL THOSE POKEMON. and yes u did. As usual, u will deny it. I know since im the one who sees u.

and tolong jgn emo terlebih please? TQ.