July 17, 2010

Istana Bambu

Yesterday, was the last day for one of our practical student, Ain. She will be heading back to USM for the new semester. So Kak Intan decides to make like a little feast for for all of us and also to Ain. We went to Istana Bambu at Taman Sri Ukay, right beside the MRR2.

Too bad another one of our officemate Zul couldn't join us since he had to go back to Terengganu. It is my first time here though... nama je orang Ampang, tapi tak tahu menahu pasal kewujudan tempat ni =P The food is okay~ Now they are having a promotion too for lunch set, including drinks, will only be RM10. But we took ala carte instead. kerabu mangga sedap~ even their blackpepper beef also ^^

Ain and our boss, Kak Intan

2 most senior staffs, Kak Shida and Kak Ina

Acap and the new practical student from Community College, Ifa

alahai Acap ni, orang dah tak sabar nak makan ni, sibuk nak amik gambar


OK Ain, study well for your final semester~ Good luck! ^^


Fatin Shaza said...

omg new layout!

Honey Lalala said...

uit..u look diff,,i igt amoy mane tah td. heeee

Syima said...

shaza; haha yeah, baru Candy Crankee kan? hahaa

effa; yee amoi sesat nie. rindu! apa cite fb kene hack??