November 11, 2010

BEAST Dongwoon & a bit of Keanu~ Kyu~~. OK u can say this is my-man post

I started listening KPOP since i heard Super Junior's Kyuhyun voice in Sorry Sorry and u can say that i am quite up-to-date about their activities. I listened to other group songs too and of course Beast is included. When they debuted around the end of 2009, the magnae Dongwoon cought my eye, because he looks so different from others, he doesn't look Korean at all. I thought "aah~ this guy must be a mix" but to my surprise, he is pure-korean-blood, even his parents look so Korean and his childhood photos too. it seems that his 'western' features emerges when he started highschool.

I like him but not as much as OMG-SPAZZ-MESMERIZED! when Kyuhyun striked me, just 'normal' like. But this guy started to take a hold of me when they promote their 3rd mini album SOOM (Breath). HE IMPROVES SO MUCH that it is insane! His dance not as awkward as before and he got that huge-stage-aura~ making lots of people noticing him now rather than before.

Fancam Dongwoon focus performing 'Soom'

This is when they just debuted, they're in a variety show Idol Maid, claiming that he is Arab Prince? WTH xD Dongwoon here try to learn English but FAIL SO MUCH LOL

He looks tired but still precious =)

new hairstyle for 4th mini album "Lights go on again" at 1st i was wailing because i like his dark-black-hair but the blonde growing on me

OK OK last, 'heart' beautiful MV teaser ^^
BTW will u guys believe me that these gifs (which is the oldest is 1 month and newest one is just 1 day old) showing the current appearance of Dongwoon.. which is a body of 19 years old. Doesnt look 19 right???

Since he looks kinda western... sometimes.. i think he looks like Keanu Reeves o.0. Damn that guy keeps on haunting me! Even Kyuhyun sometimes looks like Keanu Reeves... Long face, deep eyes, perfect nose, deep voice, and not-so-big lips... waaaaaaa~~ i miss that dude! please shave ur over-jambang! i miss your Speed and 'Neo' moments! I don't care if u are in ur 40s but.. just comeback with a good movie already~ if Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp can do it, why cant u?? =(

young-jambu-Keanu~ but am loving bad-boy-serabai Keanu more~~

Huuuuuuuuuuu (*. * )

Excuse me but putting Kyuhyun images here is relevant too since i mentioned his name.. lol. Didnt u guys see Dongwoon's and Keanu's resemblance on him?


Aira said...

yes... i see the resemblance.. <.<

Syima said...

i told you!!