November 1, 2010

This is a 'mix and disaster' post

Waaah!! it is almost a month since i last blogged ahaha. Mianhee bloggie~ i just don't have the time and mood to talk here since i got lots of catch-up to do, meeting and reconciling with my old friends. Alhamdulillah, since last month, life has been kind to me. I feel better now and i have lots of fun. Let see if i can uncover this brain of mine and put my missing pieces of memory together on what i have been doing...

Oh yes~ i went to MOTO GP!!! waaah!! First time being able to see these bikers burning the oils and the circuit LIVE. The audience favourite is the Doctor, Valentino Rossi. We cheered thunderously everytime he came by to our area. Sepang is one of his favourite circuit as his 1st win in motor-racing is here and yes he won that day! Coming from behind from 9th place, he passed everyone one by one till he is in front and win the race. Although his win was over-shadowed by Lorenzo's winning the motorbikes champion, but he is still the best. my RM60 wasn't wasted, it was brilliantly-fantastic =D

 oh oh oh oh oh oh oh my gosh~
i like my seat =D. best view ever. much better than the seating at the starting line
crowd part 1
crowd part 2
no Rossi here, this is the fight for 5th place
Rossi stops by our area and bowing to us ^^

I bought a CLEO magazine and it gives free 'shopping card' for Ladies Pink Night at Mid Valley for the breast-cancer awareness. After getting the permission from my dad i went there after work with my officemate. We didn't shop much because we arrived there around 7 and in 3 hours the shops will be closed so we just dashed to nearby shops. I bought a shirt at F.O.S that look exactly like the shirt that i want from Esprit, only it doesn't have the 'bow' at neck area. *sigh* should have just bought the shirt that time... Also i bought some quirky ear-studs and my officemate also bought a shirt. I got a free shopping-bag for it, pretty~~ =D. then we headed straight to Bonita because they gave a whopping 50% off. I fell in love with this ring. The problem is, it is too big, no size for me! It can even fit my thumb and still loose! But i stubbornly bought it anyway. I wear it to work sometimes but it is kinda annoying because it keeps on sliding off =_=

my splurges~
pretty unique right?? =DD

These days i regularly went to Shah Alam to my client's house, En Yusof Ghani for his signatures and drawings. MBSA already turn me down twice.. i hope there is no third time. I am sick of repeating failures =_=. Here are some snapshots of the interior of his house with his paintings and sculpture. I want to take a photo of his studio but i was afraid that he would get mad because it is his private area so i just took pictures of his living area.
sculptures and wavy handrails, he designed it
Tari paintings

Oh yeah, random pictures of the 3 midgets sleeping in front of the TV. Their final name is Mek Tok, Ah Teh and Kecik. My dad gave them the names don't ask me why.. By the way that area is THEIR FAVOURITE PLACE. it is annoying since we can't watch the TV peacefully because they will jump and 'pawn' the moving figures in the TV. LOL
from left Ah Teh aka Bengkok, Kecik & Mek Tok aka Gemuk

The day we got our sallary, Nolley (my officemate) suggested that we should try lunching at Sweet Tree. So i just followed her. I thought it is just a normal restaurant serving western food, but it also has Korean cuisine! The manager is a Malay but apparently the owner is a Korean and she is really pretty! She kinda looks like Moon Geunyoung, the actor from Cinderella's Stepsister. The interior is dashingly-beautiful with 'nature' concept. Sorry no pictures! Busy awing the interior hehe. She also sells home-made soap for face and body~ was going to take a sample but nothing left =(. Gonna try ddukboki and bibimbapp next time ^^

pokok manis~
hee ade buaian dalam kedai =3

Itu je kot eheheh ^^