November 22, 2010

Our birthday!

Date : 20/11/2010
Venue : TGIF One Utama
Theme : Black & White
Planner : Fatin Shaza (love u! thanks so much! ='D)
Red's, Sopey's and My birthday dinner =D

Went there with Shaza since i don't know the way. At first we choose Chillis but it was full of people and they didnt provide seatings for a group of 15 and more. So we made a last minute change and went to TGIF which was perfect since it was not crowded like Chillis.

Not all of you guys were there, but I love all of my friends so much ❤


Honey Lalala said...

dear,sorry intruded this comment area. but i have to tell the truth since i once have reveal about TGIF before in Facebook.

do read this


they use HALAL logo without verfification by KPDNKK.

for more enquiries, g lawat web JAKIM. mmg xde.

beware k pasni.=)

Syima said...

dear i already aware bout that dari dulu lagi, the halal thing is for the meat they serve. the non halal thing in the menu is the jack russel sauce. so if u order a food that have a jack russel sauce, u should said u dont want the sauce.

same goes for chillis. in their nacho chips, they also put alcohol in it. so u have to said u dont want any alcohol.

dont worry i know what im eating =)