November 11, 2010

UPDATED* I want to settle these things before i further my studies

**UPDATED LIST 2/07/2011

I wanted to clear all these matters before i further my studies.. since i got less time. (IF i got the offer letter for this December intake). If not, i still have 6 months LOL

  • i wanna go to Wondermilk!! *shaza please?  With offline shopping bazaar too~
  • learn sketchup/revit properly *hate this so much  i didnt get the offer, still got lots of time~
  • A trip with friends, especially to the beach!  Kedah and Penang soon~ =D
  • Having a picnic on the green grass at the park
  • Read urban-architecture books, a lot
  • Bungee jumping at Sunway Lagoon *must try, once in a lifetime
  • Treat my parents with a glorious meal
  • Treat my siblings with Skytrex
  • Finished beading and tailoring my baju kurung


Actually.. i am not ready yet to continue my studies this December intake. Dont think wrongly of me its just.. yeah all of my friends persuades me to apply for this intake, but the biggest reason i applied is because of my parents. They wanted me to finish my studies quickly. My mum is 49 this year, She said to me that she will retire when she reach 50, which is next year?? being an Architecture students needs a hella lots of money. the trips to the site (which for degree students, most of the sites are out of the country) itself cost almost RM1000. what about the progress and materials for my design works?? it needs a hella lots of money too.

Yeah i can use my money which i earned now but it never enough since my pay is really low (i worked in a small firm) Besides, my brother is still studying in MSU and another brother of mine going to graduate this year. so surely he will go to a university too, which in a result, more money needed. My dad said,"better u continue your studies now while your mum and i still working. if not, when mum quit her job in the future, its going to be hard on us"

So, i decided to apply.. at least if i finished it quickly, i can look for a job more quickly and helped my family. I have to work hard, gain back my philosophical-architecture knowledge which i abandoned almost a year... LOTS OF WORK & CATCH-UP TO DO... aaaaahhhhh ('_';)


Budak Takapan said...

Wow, there are many things that you want to settle:-)

mmsyah said...

haa...sketchup best!
revit lagi best!

niNiE said...

same je cam situasi i skang...blom ready nak sambung..tapi family push..hmm