November 6, 2010

What did u do on Deepavali?

Shopping, window shopping, Sushi Zanmai at Sunway Piramid and being "Unstoppable" at TGV Aeon Bukit Tinggi

 Nana, Erma, Ziela ^^. main purpose came to Sunway Piramid : Teman Ziela shopping. Too bad Shaza x dapat join =(

 personally, i still like Sushi King and Sasaki Sushi better. I don't like Sakae (green tea taste weird and so does some of its nigiri sushi) and Sushi Zanmai is just OK (the ketchup for Unagi is really thick, can still felt the after taste and chawanmushi is too slushy??? haha). All four of us agreed ahaha.

 Hee i bought this beanie/snow cap at Forever 21, last piece, which i asked the salesgirl to take it from the mannequin's head hahaah. The only thing that i like. Still don't fancy the shirts/dress, the material is kinda thin =/. but their jeans is okay.

 meet Sabri at Pak Li

 cam-whoring in the car while waiting for Ziela. Notice the difference in my eyes?? hehe. FreshKon Misty Grey. just bought it not long before this and i immediately switch to it. i like this colour, x nampak sgt, looks natural if u see it from a distance. the salesgirl insisted that i should try the new blue-hue since she said i'm fair and it can suits me but.. IT IS TOO BLUE. BTW Ziela bought dark-green.

"Unstoppable" gang at TGV Aeon Bukit Tinggi


Fatin Shaza said...

Sorry couldn't come :(

Btw nice skirt! :P

Syima said...

ah its ok, nnti kite jmpe ^^
thanks. SG Wang shaza MURAAAAAHHHH =DDD