August 27, 2008

3.40 am

it's 3.40am.. n im still stuck in the studio wif design... ugh~ ~_~"""

today's summary?? well my health was getting better till i got drenched in the rain while running to the Wins store to buy some craftboards. then dont know what happened but the line seems stuuupid cuz i cant send any messages or make any phone calls.

we had our lunch at pancake house, sunway piramid. then ehem ehem.. *shopping =P. huhu not actually. me n ika teman si fatin shopping. then went back to uitm in the late evening.

attended a ceramah at the kolej's hall at 8.30pm. after that went straight to studio and stayed there till now~ huhuhuhu. i think i wana go back to my room in a couple of minutes. daa~

*best gile shaza dpt beli ape yg die target!!!!!! tp kasut belum lg ;)


Fatin Shaza said...

*shifty eyes* *shifty eyes*

Bukan salah i, yg smua i nak tgh sale...

Syima said...