August 20, 2008


as i browsin tru shaza's blog, i juz realized that i got tagged... =S owh well.

Like any tag, it comes with a set of rules. In this case, the rules are as follows:

- state 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself.
- The 10 people I tag are to then to follow my footsteps and write their own 15 weird things/habits and little known facts.
- No tag backs (as in once ive done this, please dont tag this exact tag again. pls n tenkius.)

1. Im very childish for my age. same as shaza. i still watch cartoons, loves cute stuffs. i also have my imaginary friends/kids (wudDAheck!) which are bebe, dudu, dudu jr, pancake and others.

2. I get annoyed easily if i dont find my things that i need. i'll keep on swearing, tumbling and throwing my things till i found it. especially my glasses =P. huhu sooo immatured..

3. When reading a book, I like to skip to the last page because I am impatient.- I can't stand suspense. I always want to know what happens. And the worst habit is that later I'll accidentally spoil the ending to my besties. (same like you fatin!!)

4. Ive always wanted to learn how to dance especially the RnB & hiphop style. (dont get me wrong, but it's true). but because i was such a fatsoo, coward and always been bullied in my early teen years, i couldnt accomplish that ambition.

5. Im sensitive. i get mad, annoyed, jealous, impatient and cried easily. especially when i watched sad stories.

6. When I'm angry, I let it out by screaming, swearing, kicking stuffs and having a very bad mood all day. so any people who is around me that time maybe kene tempias =P. huhu sorry...

7. I dont like to have my eyes checked. it's annoying cuz the guy/girl in charge will keep on babbling "waa! power kamu sangat tinggi oooo! x jaga mate kamu kee???" sheeesh! i know that already. dont keep reminding me.

8. I think im an organized person. if im on a trip, firstly, i'll make a list of the things that i need so that i'll not forget to bring it. so far it goes well =). i also like the things as the way i left them. so i always remind my lil sis to put the book back on shelves after she had read it and others.

9. Im a secret-keeper. so many secrets lies within me, especially other people secrets also. cuz my friends tends to tell me their secrets and makes me swear not to talk bout it to others and i do keep my words =). well maybe i do talked bout it, but wif certain people only.

10. I have a stage fright (i think its normal??). when it's my turn to present, my hearts beating fast, sweaty palms and cold hands. as a result, i speak fast and shivering voice... damn!

11. I have always wanted to try bungee jumping!!! it's kewl!! =D in other words i love thrilling activities. makes my adrenalin running fast.

12. I love to shopz! but when i do i get very picky, especially the prices. i dont understand that sumtimes the shirt suppose to be rm30 but because of the brand, it goes to rm100. stuuuupid~ i can get the same exact thing at cheaper price elsewhere. but if it jeans, i can accept the high price. but not the shirts, shoes, bags... huhu. in other words, i dont care about the label/brand, if it's comfy and nice, i'll buy it altho it's ciplak~

13. Honestly sumtimes i dont like my body. i think its ugly. flabby arms, tummy, legs, freezy hair... huhuhuhu

14. Sometimes i prefer to the things myself. i dont like doing it with other people. like bcuz of his/her schedule, we have to do the work later or now. i just want follow my flow or rhythm or.. errrr dont know how to say it... i juz prefer individual work altho group work is much faster.

15. Daydreaming is the best! heheheehe ^^

As for the 10 lucky (or unlucky) people I tag are:
1. Seri
2. Sofahani
3. Passing
4. People
5. Who
6. Read
7. Or
8. Viewed
9. My


Fatin Shaza said...

Polar: "Nomomonomomomonomomonomo nomo! Nomoooooo! Nomo nomo nomo nomo nomoo noooomoooooo..... no? Nomo0!!"

Fatin Shaza said...

Oh btw....

Pasal streamyx tu camni --

I dah terminate account aritu, sebab dah cukup satu tahun (ikut kontrak). Tapi, ada satu bil lagi yang ktrg kena bayar, even tho dah terminate. That's all.

Bil tu x kuar lagi, sbb biasanya akan kuar hujung bulan kan? That's for july - august I think...

Sorry ek ;_;

Syima said...

ooo ok..

honeylalala said...

huhu~i da kne tag! xpela,later i wat ekkk..weeeee

Syima said...

eyy buatla malas!!!