August 31, 2008

Raya Bonanza~!

you guys know i was having a rough weekend. but then suddenly mama took us out to shopz for raya!! she said "malas nak pergi time puasa, penat!!" yayayy~ ^^ shooping to mend a broken heart!! MERDEKA!!! XDD

DATE = 30 & 31 AUGUST

BOUGHT. Blue VOIR jeans, price Rm89.90-Rm44.95
BOUGHT. DIESEL Sweater Nature Style, price Rm89.90-Rm71.92. Look at its kewl design in the close-up picture! There're two colours, black n white. i took the white one cuz da pattern looks more vibrant =P

NICOLE's Dress/long tee, price RM62.00 i think.. i didnt took this one.. dont know why.

SODA EXCHANGE cardigan, price RM79.00 - RM24.00!!! yes!! damn cheap! but i didn't bought it. now i feel regret X((.
PADINI AUTHENTIC tube dress, price RM69.00. juz trying it =P. not suitable for me..

EAST INDIA COMPANY shirt, price RM25.00 after 50% less. juz trying it.
BOUGHT. EAST INDIA COMPANY half cardigan, price RM89.90 - RM44.95
BOUGHT. SODA EXCHANGE shorts, price RM99.00 - RM29.70. damn cheap!!!

weeee... happy happy heart!! ok ok no more shopping~. this is the last till raya!
* except if sumone gonna buy sumthing for me then of course i will accept it XDDD


Fatin Shaza said...

Eh~~ u beli jeans baru...

Nak jeans baru jugak =(

Syima said...

a'aaa at first i nak buy this grey in colour one.. tp.. die buat my peha mcm belon~

Hafizal said...

i like thee soda exchange cardigan...looks nice on it

p/s:would haf bought it for you.but o well sales out oledi as i say this.boohoo =b

Syima said...

nope SALE sampai 30th september.. hehehhe yay! maknanye u will buy it for me kan? kan? ok! jom shopping! =D