August 22, 2008

Jusco's Dressing Room

me, my family, my aunties n my cousins went to jusco maluri just now~. i was having my cold, my body's temperature was high, but somehow the aura of shopping was great~! ^^.. owh thanks mama! =D

OMG i love this dress so much!! it's Arcadia. and it's a new arrival. so u can guess it that the price is kinda whOOping~ for me huhu. juz gonna wait for the next sale. RM 89.00.

this is VJ's. it's a new arrival also. i like the design, but there's sumthing wrong with it. so i didnt bought it. maybe i should try the smaller size, cuz this is M. RM 69.00

i love Nicole's design! it's so vintage with the swirley, flowery patterns n so victoria-era-like! I Loike it! it's RM89.00. The best part it, it's 50% off!! the new price is Rm44.50.

Both of them are Scarlet's. u know what? i've been eyeing this skirt since it was a new arrival. its price was RM49.00. but now it's 70% off!! so its price goes down to RM14.70!!! waaaa~ of course i'll grab it!! the top's original price was RM39.00. after 50% discount it goes to RM19.00!!! waaaa~ im floating~ XDDD. in the picture the top is a big size, i bought the smaller size.
last but not least a black tube from Orange. RM9.90. picture?? who wants to try on a tube??
aaaaaaaa~ shopping is one of the ways that can fill a girl's heart with joy~ ^_^


Fatin Shaza said...

NICEEEEE!!! I ske smua! Maybe not the purple/black baju... tapi yg lain lawaaaaa! Especially yg last skali tu! BELIBELIBELIBELIBELI I leh pinjam! Hehe

Fatin Shaza said...

Btw... susah betul nak cari baju long-sleeve (yg cantik) or dress yg ada sleeves (yg cantik)... sigh.

Fatin Shaza said...

oh and also... i x anta budak2 tu gi dobi lagi. heehee.

rafeat said...

smua baju lawa laa.... tapi yg ubgu nmpak kureng skit.... xterjumpe mymum ke... coz ibu i pn pergi jusco sana gak pada ari yg sne

Syima said...

yaaa shaza!! hee tp purple tu lawa la... die mcm blouse pnjang, n material die nipis so mmg x panas. wuwu maybe i should try the smaller one. ey nape x amik gmbr baju yg u beli? i nk tgk!. btw... budak2 tu mesti sgt berdaki~ eewwWWww~ heheheh

rafiq, yeke? laa manela i taw rupe ur mum cane... =P huhu

Fatin Shaza said...

ntahla... malas kot nak amik gambar XD

Tu laaa! Setiap malam nomo bising2 kat i suro anta gi dobi.... tapi... malassssss. I anta je la dobi kat shah alam.

pitt said...

i really like all of da cream rose blouse best.errmm..the purp one is considerably okay what..but it makes u look kinda tua tua style lorh~ anyway me likes it all XD

Syima said...

emm yaaa but the purple one has two colors. purple n brown~

eeyy unkey!! =D