August 20, 2008


totally bored to death.... well my summary of this week:

1. went to sunway lagoon last saturday wif my cousins, aunts n family. no photos available.

2. went to aquaria last sunday, will post the photos later, cuz im kinda malas now. owh n my mum's friend from japan posted some souvenirs for us. and she gave me this pink knitted sweater ^^.

3. nana visited me last monday. then in the evening me n my lil sis went to Kompleks Renang Cheras to take a dive, plus some exercises =P since i juz sit on my bums the whole day. n also nana told me that im getting fat... oh noooooooo~ =S

4. last tuesday i went to bangi to meet my bf. then he took me to alamanda, watched walle, eat pancakes, window shopz then went back home =)

5. today, wednesday, we're going to pavillion this evening~ huuuu maybe some shopping??? lalalalaa

since i have done a lot of activities, maybe it's not a bad n boring mid term vacation after all ;)