July 12, 2008


suddenly ive got an idea of posting a blog bout my cats.. there're stil lots of em, but their pixies are unavailable... emm well happy knowing my cats!!

MIMI. the queen of the house. she's bz wif her adopted kittens but now she is free cuz all of her adopted kittens r missing. he has a brother MICKEY, that has the same features of their dad, PARAM (her mother is CIK PUTEH). but he's also missing. sumbody took him. huhuuuu y ar our cats always been stolen >=(. find ur own cats!!! well anyway, other than ZORRO, MIMI also with us till today~ =)

smells nice~
hey im cleaning ere!
aaah~ soft~ (yucks!)
ZORRO. my dad's bb. also like PARAM, he's our neighbours. but he came to us since my dad looked after him since he was a baby. (he have sort of a leg disease) soooo manje, adorable. he's stil wif us till today =).

KIMI JUNIOR. 3rd adopted child of mimi. he had da same name as kimi bcuz of the similarities of their colour n spots.. n also bcuz of our memories to kimi. also came from kelantan. but he didnt live for long. couple of months after he had arrived, he got knocked down by a car, n da jerk juz left him there lying n suffering. more tragicly, he died in front of our house.. poor kimi.. love you...

KIMI. from kelantan. kept him since he's a baby. my mum's baby. couple of weeks after he had arrived, his right front leg was injured bcuz of incident. so he walks n runs using 3 feets. very adorable, love him so much too. my dad had to wash him everyday cuz when he came home from 'work' his fur is greyyish including his face!! he has a habit meowing while running. so it sounded like a cow's moos. so his other name is LEMBU~. then one day he stopped coming home.. my dad searched everywhere for weeks but stil no sign of him til today...

COMEL. da first adopted child of mimi. hardly get to know him cuz i was away when my mum keep him. after he peed in the house, my dad doesnt allow him to get inside da house. then he ran away... huhu

PARAM. my fav, my baby, love him so much... da longest ever.. once we love him so much. at first he belongs to my neighbour, then he came to us. so many memories of him. he slept wif me n anyone in da house. then after mama brought kimi from kampung, he's changed. maybe he felt threaten. he started peeing in the house n others. so everytime he gets into the house, we hv to chase him out, which make my heart break T_T. but he keep coming back, knowing that we stil love him. so we stil kept, feed & played wif him, till we never saw him again. we assumed that he died bcuz of oldness.. love you always baby... *smooch

hey~ cartoons!! diz tv is mine!

BUBU. 2nd adopted child of mimi. at first he had a bro, but he died cuz he's too weak. he's sharing da same mother wif mimi but diffrent dad. then his mother (cik puteh) abondoned him. luckily she left him at our house. well anyway altho mimi ishis big sister, but he's kinda stick to mimi, making mimi his mum. he is so adorable!!! but bcuz of his adorableness, he's been kidnapped by scoolkids.. huhuuhu

love u all my darling cats~ for those who's missing.. hope dat u guys r in great condition. for those that have died, peace for u... n for mimi n zorro, plz stay wif us til the end of time!! & for future-cats (if there r future cats), early welcome for you! =)

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