July 23, 2008


waaaa its been like ages since i last updated my blog.. huhu sorry for my readers~ (if there are any readers~ o_0)

well i'll do some summary on wat i've been doing these past few days

1. i've been in a shopping spree wif syazox last friday!!!!! unfortunately shaza n ezy couldnt tag along. if not then it wil b super-crazee-making-holes-in-the-pockets shopping! we went to bb to shopz at sg wang. first we had a lunch wif mama at lot 10 then we head to shopz!!! things that i bought:

a) Long sleeves hooded knitted tops - suPPeer RM12!!
b) 2 long spaghetti - RM16
c) Black Vincci pumps - RM35
d) Little miss tee - cuUttEEy RM19.90!!
e) Black vest with white vertical stripes - whOOping RM25!!
f) Long baby tee - perfEEct RM10!!!
total = RM117.90 for 6 things~ lalalaalala

2. last sunday, we had a netball competition between semester. well we follow our tradition back from perak, lost in every sport's game =P. anyway first we had a match wif bsc 02. i was in da WA position. in a fight to snatch the ball, the kid who was supposed to guard me scratched my face!!! awwww man! now i have 3 scars of fingernails!! huhuhuhu. then after that we had a match with b 02. i collied with this another player that makes me dizzy for minutes.. then after the match, my body ached badly for days! -_-~''

3. i bought a grey cardigan at an online store!!! yaya~! =D cant wait for my parcel to arrive~

4. now im bz with archifest, that will be held this morning 24.7.2008 and saturday, 26.7.2008. soo very very bz rite now... nowh do come! on saturday yaaaa~ lots of games n activities. venue, fspu uitm shah alam.

i think thats bout it.. i cant think other activities.. there r lots of em... huhuhu ok. gudbye for now. stay tune for more updates =)

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