July 27, 2008

missed my archyfest, i was a pengapit

yaaa.... it is. it was on saturday, 26/7/2008, which is yesterday. at first i was going to attend my bf's bros' weddings (its a double wedding) as a guest. then suddenly at 1am, he called me and begging me to be his first bro, abg gee, punye pengapit! (i dont know pengapit in english). his pengapit suddenly got something to do which was very2 urgent. so i agreed, but with lots of nervousness n thoughts in my head!! n the best thing is, the dresses that i was suppose to wear, is at the other pengapit, so i have to bring mine. i was told to bring a lime green n cream+white dress or baju kurung. i have the lime green one, but not the cream. so i hv to borrow from mama. poor mama have to stay up late, mending n sewing her baju kurung to fit on me... (tq mama!). the event has 2 sessions. at noon n nite. so im goin to miss my archyfest.. wwuwuuww

the next day, pit n abg gee pick me up at 10.30am. we dashed n dressed up here n there n it goes on smoothly. pit took pictures of me a lot cuz he's the cameraman. his bro mesti bising... lots pictures of me, not them.. heee =P. the first session is over, with me wearing the green kebaya. then suddenly i hv my period, n my cramps started. so pit hurriedly went to the pharmacy to buy some painkillers n also sanitary pad =P. huh not a good day to have ur period. then i slept on his bed~ lalalaal =P. so he have to sleep on the couch downstairs. sorry dear hehehe. when i woke up, i have a sore throat. suddenly i remembered that pit was sick the day b4. so now his virus has transferred to me. damn~ huhuhu so anyway his room becomes mine the whole day.

the 2nd session, at nite time, i wore the cream baju kurung n also goes on smoothly. pit's 1st sister in law, kak munirah, said to me that maybe i have to stay over. but when i told mama bout it, she doesnt like the idea n strongly wants me to get home. abah also somewhat mad bout it. when pit's family knew bout it, they started to get worried. his father even wants to call abah to explained on why im late. hee sweet.. =). when the time comes for me to go home, his mother kissed me on the cheek and thanked me. his bros n relatives also. abg gee, kak munirah n pit send me home n arrived there around 1am. it.s a sudden-but-sweet experience =).. heeee cant wait for the next time they need me again.. lalalalala ;D

i'll post some of the pictures when pit have give them to me~

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