July 6, 2008

im 'moving'

bLah~ not as in moving to my new home.. but moving into the stomach of uitm.. uhuhuhu

well Alhamdulillah i got a place to stay, which is Kolej Anggerik & it's nearer to my faculty but....

i still didnt have my happily-vacation yet (genting was such a dull one) & now i have to start studyg for my new semester... uhuuhuhuhuhu T_T. for the first time in my life, i started to pack my things this morning. usually my stuffs are in the car right now.. damn~ this is the proof that im not ready yet...

goodbye my freedom.. goodbye my happiness.. & hello tension & stress

*** at the bright side i can meet my old fwens~ my coursemates & my skewlmates~ winks winks ;)

*** by the way maybe i'll hardly updating my blog, depending on my work load and the wireless (if there is a wireless connection 0_o)

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