July 13, 2008

Summary for my saturday

supposedly i went to my bf's bro punye wedding. i tot today is 'bersanding' but actly its da akad nikah... so i got the wrong infos. n pitto undrstands my stuation. sorry dear, we'll make it up.. love you.. =X

my lunch at SUSHI KING!!! Tq mama! at Queenspark. & for the first time, i ate more than 5 plates of sushi. which is 8 plates! (well not much diffrent tho.but it's still diffrent =P)

after dat, i went to the MNG store nextdoor.. a huge sale!!! i always hated MNG, bcuz altho the items are discounted, it's stil kinda pricey to me. but Thank God! the stores have very reasonable prices for items that i have fell in love wif. n also thanks to mama for paying it... heeee. i bought:
1. Bikini. light maroon n white stripes = splashiiee RM19!!
2. Red jeans = RM39
3. Black handbag = whOOpping RM19!!
4. Long Sleeves deep grey t-shirt = Rm25

i departed from my house around 8.30pm wif my dad. arrived around 1 hour later. then i went to the studio an hour later which is at 10.30pm. now it's 1.23am. n its dark cuz nabilah n shaza wants to stay in the studio tonite.. waaa~ i think im not ready for staying in the studio yet.. ngeeEEee~. i think i will head back to my dorm at 2am.. plz GOD stay wif me... =S


Seri said...

seriously the bikini is rm19? damn! cheap dowh! i need a new one! where is this mng store u went eh?

Syima said...

u know jusco maluri??? haaa around that area there is this park called QUEENSPARK near carrefour. its a MNG Outlet =)

Seri said...

oh damn! i sure wanna go there when im free hehehe..carrefour maluri dgn carefour wangsa maju sama ke lain??...anyway thanks for the info :))))

Syima said...

lain laaaa... dekat ngan area cheras.

Syima said...