July 31, 2008

sunway piramid

i went to sunway piramid 2 days in a row~

1. Tuesday, 29/7/2008

we went to sunway piramid after lunch around 2 to watch sum movies at first. i went wif shaza, ninie n rf (rf was behind da wheels). we watched BATMAN after a heated debate wif ninie.. heeeee. but the movie starts at 5pm so we decided to take a tour first. it doesnt take long that rf started to shopz~. then we stop by this shop called RUFFEY. i love this 3 quarter checquered pants! its RM75 and it's 50% discount!! but there was no M size... the S is to small n the L is to big!. huhuhuhu. so i didnt buy it.

the Batman was awesome! i love heath ledger so much since his act in brothers grimm with mat damon.! may u rest in peace~ then we left about 7pm cuz rf has a game to catch which was futsal. we take a bite at DArus, went to Sabri's house, then from there convoi to uitm. rf sent us home (our kolej laaa) then he went straight to futsal at seksyen 7.

2. Wednesday, 30/7/2008

again, to hhe sunway piramid! this time wif shaza n ezy! she wants to buy this shirt at asian avenue, i want to but a pants n shoes, ezy... lots of things hehe. i bought a vintage tshirt at asian avenue for only RM15. heee. then after lots of hardness finding sum pants, i found one at F BLOCK. a brown one. Rm56. ok for me... =P
at first i want to buy this skirt. but the pants is the priority one. so i have to leave it cuz i dont want to spend too much, i got a trip to sabah at 9am diz morning!!! ;P this skirt is RM40 at the same shop
i bought a dress at TREATS!! it's so damn cheap i couldnt resists it. RM40!!! usually its up to RM70 n above! first i got two choice between the black n brown one. at last i choose the black one, stil having dilemma. huhhuhu. the brown one looks more formal while the black one is casual. huhuhu... emm im stil having a dilemma rite now.. =s. but oh well, i like da black one too~ hehe ^^. nOOOO! im not going to wear juz dat in the public! ahahaaha i stil know my limits. i'll find a way ;P.
the black~
the brown~
in the end, i didnt buy any shoes.. ahaaa. next time~


Fatin Shaza said...


I'm flat.

Fatin Shaza said...

Kaki I pendek

Fatin Shaza said...

uuuuuu ;_;

honeylalala said...

dear,the brown one suits u laaa..but since when u become so sexy ha? gtau mak :P hehe~

Syima said...

derrrrr im not! giler kee! matila i kne bunuh dgn my dad. i bukannye nk pkai mcm tu je. i pkai cardigan kat luar laa.

Syima said...

apenye fatin shaza! ok je! ayoooooOOOoooo~